Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 3: Over To The Client-Side

Week 3 has been a bit slow, I must say, as obligations outside of GSoC intruded upon my coding time. The level of concentration required makes it difficult to debug when one doesn't get long uninterrupted stretches of time to do it. This week, I first spent a bit of time chasing a problem that has the daemon tests hanging on Ubuntu - and probably other Debian-derived distros. I traced things down to the way dash does signal handling, but the problem is "exotic enough" - a non-default test on a particular platform (see here for something similar) - that I didn't commit a fix, and simply moved on to client-side testing.

I suspected that the client code in Mojo might exhibit some issues simillar to those I found on the server-side when dealing with pipelined requests. Testing the client-side requires a bit more setup than server-side. When testing the server, one can simply use telnet as a low-level client and have full control over how requests are sent to the server. Now I had to set-up a simple "fakeserver" to server responses precisely how I wanted them to be sent in order to try to trigger bugs in the client. I sound found a problem, and I also discovered that the test infrastructure had no clean way to build a test case to demonstrate the issue, so I have started building that. And that's where I'm at: down a couple of commits on a branch, with a few more to come before I think the changes should be merged back into mainline Mojo...

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